Hello and Welcome!

This is a place where we advocate for women in the outdoors.

Well, actually we advocate for everyone in the outdoors but there’s just something special about the outdoor sisterhood…

Founded by Rebecca Walsh, HLAW has grown from a humble facebook page to a global community serving over 100,000 women every month.

Through our online content, outdoor education classes, guided trips and retreats we’ve been able to connect and build real relationships with outdoor women.

Guided by Rebecca, our Founder, and Crystal Osborn, our CEO, we’ve been able to help thousands of women break down barriers to entry in the outdoors and hit the trail.

If you’d like to learn more about our community, sponsor us, or hire Rebecca or Crystal to lead a teambuilding retreat for your business or organization, or speak at your next conference or event please call Rebecca at our Basecamp at 307-703-0172 or email hikelikeawoman@gmail.com.

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